Girls Track has strong showing at Carbondale indoor meet

O’Fallon’s girls track team took part in an indoor meet with other southern Illinois schools in Carbondale on Wednesday, February 27. Pictured in the far left lane is Simoriah Longhorn and in the far right lane is Marlita Reeves. (Photo courtesy of the Pinckneyville Press)

In the second OTHS Girl’s Track meet of the season at Carbondale on Wednesday, Feb. 27, sophomore Zoie Howard won the 60 dash for the second time in a row. 

The four by eight relay took third place at the meet and included: freshman Peyton Schieppe, sophomore Sofia Parker, senior Leah Corso and junior Kaitlyn Walker. 

OTHS Track Head Coach Neil James said while they previously ran down at Marion High School, the completion level was “a little bit higher” in Carbondale with conference schools present. 

James said both meets served as a good way to break up training and for the girl’s to be able to compete. 

James said there were some events during the meet where the OTHS girl’s hadn’t participated in before. 

“We had some places where we had to fill some people in,” he said. “We were kind of feeling things out and seeing where people are going to fit. It’s been kind of tough since we’ve been inside so much because of the weather.” 

OTHS will play host to an invitational event on Friday, April 12 with 13 teams present.