Go ahead and Jump Start 2018

Let’s just admit it, even though Thanksgiving is over, the temptations have just begun.  Suddenly, everything has gone from gravy-covered to candy-coated with a sugary cherry on top and it’s tough to resist.  What if you didn’t feel so bad for ordering that extra hot-toddy or snacking on the last slice of pumpkin pie?  A great way to get through the holidays without completely cornering yourself is to jumpstart your 2018 fitness plan.  Of course, after the holidays you will be a little bit stricter with your diet, but at least you’ll already be working on burning some calories until your New Year’s Resolutions kick in.

For most people, the first question is, “Okay, so when and where do I start?”  The answer is simple; you start right now and there’s a great option that is close to home.  The MetroRecPlex has everything every type of person will need need to jumpstart their 2018 fitness journey.  Whether you are an amateur, a middle-man or a pro, the MetroRecPlex has got your jumpstart covered.

The Amateur

If you’ve never worked out a day in your life and you want to begin this process really, really slowly, you’ve got options.  The walking track at the MetroRecPlex offers a simple, temperature controlled place to slowly increase your cardio strength and warm up those leg muscles.  If you are really a go getter beginner, head down to the swimming pool for an Aquafit class or just tread water and swim a lap or two.  The more that you get that blood pumping, the more calories you will burn and the easier it will be for you when you move on to activities that require a more intense cardio workout.  When it comes to starter group fitness courses, the chair yoga is definitely going to take it easy on you as a beginner.

The Middle-Man

You know what yoga is and you’ve tried a spinning class once or twice, but life got busy and you just haven’t been able to stick with a consistent routine.  In fact, you’ve even nbuilt up some cardio strength by jogging the track in the extra fifteen minutes that you’ve somehow found at the O’Fallon Family Sports Park during your kids’ soccer and baseball practices.  You’re not an amateur, but you do need a little direction.  The MetroRecPlex offers one on one personal training to all of its members.  Maybe you just need a few sessions to get you kicked in to shape or maybe it’s going to take a bit longer; either way, there’s an option for both!  There are also some great classes that can take you step-by-step through those yoga moves or a fun cycle class with instructors that will make sure you understand the exercises completely.  The Cardio Party group fitness class will push you to bring your cardiovascular health to the next level.

The Pro (almost)


ou’ve dedicated yourself to your health and fitness a time or two; maybe you even a have a go-to gym already, but something’s missing.  The MetroRecPlex has personal trainers that can help you target the muscles that you want to target.  The PUMP and H.I.I.T courses, along with the Pilates/Barre Fusion will challenge even the (almost) pro, and offer options for making each group fitness class more or less difficult.  The weight room at the MetroRecPlex has the most advanced equipment that is available to target each and every muscle group in the most effective way.

While it’s easy to joke about how many great foods and treats there are during the holiday season, nutrition is no laughing matter.  At the MetroRecPlex, members can also learn about nutrition and receive advice and options on varying types of nutritional guidelines.  Another great fitness option is a family night out ice skating in the skating rink or swimming in one of the Olympic sized pools.  When it comes to your jumpstart, it doesn’t matter where you begin; what matters is that you do begin, stick to it, and learn who you can rely on throughout the process.  The MetroRecPlex wants to be your all-in-one fitness center that you can always rely on when it comes to you and your family’s health and fitness journey, whether it’s a jumpstart, a reboot or an overhaul.  Come in and tour the facility today!