Goodwin pledges to cement O’Fallon’s leadership in region for parks and recreation

O’FALLON – Mayoral Candidate Phil Goodwin pledged his support to cement O’Fallon as the leader in Health and Wellness in our region in order to secure more business growth and sales tax revenue to support his property tax relief plan which dedicates 20 percent of all new sales tax revenue to property tax relief.

“Over the last decade we have made a significant investment in building our parks System to be second to none. Hundreds of thousands of visitors use our facilities for family fun to competitive sports.” Goodwin said. “As mayor, I will pledge to make sure our investment pays off for our community.”

2017 will be a monumental year for the O’Fallon Soccer and Baseball Competitive Community. Through the recently passed Destination O’Fallon, up to ten new all weather soccer and baseball fields will be constructed to accommodate the growing demand for tournaments, which generates $5.2 million annually to our local economy.

“As mayor, I will ensure that we stay on track to build these new fields so that the return on investment to our city can be realized as soon as possible,” said Goodwin. “It is estimated that this expansion could double the economic impact to our city of up to $10 million.”

Goodwin stated his opponent was one of two aldermen who voted against this plan in November and has since stated publicly that he believes the increase in the hotel motel tax funds should be spent on other projects.

“My opponent has a long history in voting against our parks system,” said Goodwin. “He doesn’t see the value in investing in our parks system and the benefits to our community and the role it plays in economic development.”

Families who travel in from out of town spend an estimated $136 when they attend a tournament held at the Family Sports Park. There are 29 tournaments currently planned at

the Family Sports Park for 2017. This is estimated to more than double with the new fields.

“As more tournaments are scheduled, we will bring more out of town visitors to spend money at our local restaurants, shops and hotels and generate more sales tax revenue to help fund our property tax relief plan,” Goodwin said. “It’s a win – win for everyone.”

Goodwin cited Academy Sports recent opening in O’Fallon as a positive step towards showing that O’Fallon’s investment in our Parks and Recreation system is paying off. Academy Sports is expected to generate an estimated $250,000 in additional sales tax revenue each year.

“I believe it is important for voters to know that I will make sure the City fulfills it’s promise to the thousands of children who utilize the soccer park and baseball fields,” Goodwin stated. “I also believe it is equally important for businesses who have located in O’Fallon to know that we will continue to invest in our system to help bring patrons to their businesses.”

Goodwin also pledged to work to expand the bike and walking trails as part of the Metro East Park and Recreation District’s plan to connect with the bike trails in Troy and Edwardsville in order to provide recreational opportunities for families and help grow business.

“The Bike Surgeon recently relocated to downtown O’Fallon and cited one of the main reasons for their move was to be near the new bike trails,” Goodwin stated. “The Bike Surgeon is a prime example of how when we invest in our city, we attract businesses to locate here.”

If elected mayor, Goodwin stated that he would work to explore converting the current railroad tracks that recently went out of service in town should the train service not be reinstated.

“I will work to keep O’Fallon moving forward by creating an environment that is friendly to both families and businesses,” Goodwin said.

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