Goodwin wants to solidify housing market to attract more businesses to fund property tax relief plan

OFALLON – Mayoral Candidate Phil Goodwin announced plans to grow O’Fallon’s leadership position in the region for quality new and existing homes in order to help attract more national and regional businesses to help generate increased sales tax revenue to fund Goodwin’s Property Tax Relief Plan.

O’Fallon has continued to see its housing market grow over the past three years, while other cities like Belleville have seen a decline. According to the City’s 2016 Economic Development Profile, O’Fallon has seen the median value of the housing stock increase over 5% from the estimated median value in 2013 of $224,047 to an estimated median value of $235,615 in 2015.

“This is great news for our homeowners, because it means the city is helping to grow the value of families largest personal investment – the purchase of a home,” said Goodwin. “But it is also critical to attracting new business development of the city.”

Goodwin stated that he is working with the Home Builder’s Association and local business leaders to ensure the city has effective planning and zoning in place to create and maintain quality housing options for current residents and new families looking to move to O’Fallon.

“O’Fallon has been a great place for young families to purchase their first two bedroom starter home and then move into or build a four bedroom home as their family expands,” said Goodwin. “As Mayor, I will do everything that I can to protect the high quality housing standards in O’Fallon.”

He stated that new businesses looking to locate to O’Fallon look at key factors in determining if a city can support their business. One of those key factors is median value of homes and number of new homes being built.

“As our housing values have increased, new businesses like Menards, Academy Sports, Gander Mountain, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and others have decided to locate here,” said Goodwin. “They want to know that there are families with disposable incomes to shop at their locations.”

Because of the new business growth, the City’s sales tax revenue has been increased by 10.05 percent from $6.91 million in 2013 to $7.63 million in 2016. Based on the current trend, the city is on pace to generate an additional 3.75-4% each year – growing another 12-16% by 2021.

“Our strong housing market is directly tied to why businesses are locating in O’Fallon,” stated Goodwin. “I believe that because our residents have invested in their homes, we need to be able to provide property tax relief as our city grows, which is why I have outlined my plan to give money back to residents.”

Goodwin stated that his Property Tax Relief Plan would dedicate 20% of all new sales tax revenue toward property tax relief each year on top of dedicating $1 million annually over the next four years from the City’s surplus reserves.

“This plan returns money back to the homeowners and still keeps a healthy reserve for our city to remain in strong financial condition,” Goodwin said.

According to the City’s Financial Tax statement published on the City’s Website, the 2016 Tax Levy is approximately $5.7 million. Should the City Council pass the Goodwin Tax Relief Plan, the levy would be reduced by 18.2% to $4.6 million. This would reduce the tax levy on a $200,000 home from $590 a year to $482 in the first year.

“I am the only candidate who believes we can continue to grow our city and provide relief to the residents of O’Fallon,” Goodwin said. “My opponent on the other hand is busy voting against growth and has stated that he would like to roll back the building codes and zoning regulations which would hurt our home values.”

Goodwin cited that if Roach is elected mayor, the upward trend in residential development could be in jeopardy.

“O’Fallon developers currently have more than 450 homes scheduled to be built in the next year, which means our current stock of housing will continue to remain strong,” stated Goodwin. “Roach has stated that he believes we are growing in the wrong direction. If he is elected, the city will be headed in reverse on all fronts leading which to a decline in home values and losing businesses to neighboring cities like what happened in Belleville.”

“If Roach gets his way, we will go back to having pole barns built next to homes. This is something that will not happen in a Goodwin administration,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin promised to:

• Maintaining the City’s effective planning and zoning expertise for both residential homes and well as businesses.

• Maintain High Quality of Life Housing Codes with thoughtful strategic planning of our city to create neighborhood centers that have green space, curbs, sidewalks, sewers, and quality streets.

• Protect Homeowners Property and Quality Standards by expanding responsible landlord/tenant code enforcement. It is an innovative way to ensure we maintain high quality housing options for residents who choose to rent from responsible landlords.

• Recruit developers to build more Senior Living Communities.

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