UPDATED: Goodwin to run for mayor in April election

(O'Fallon Weekly photo by Nick Miller)

(O’Fallon Weekly photo by Nick Miller)

O’FALLON – City Clerk Phil Goodwin announced last Wednesday his intention to run for mayor of O’Fallon in next April’s elections.

Goodwin, who has served as City Clerk for the last 16 years, is vying for the position against Alderman Herb Roach, who announced his intention to run for mayor in the late spring.

Mayor Gary Graham made it official on November 22 that he will not run for re-election next April. Graham made his announcement in a letter that was released to media and public.

When asked why he decided to run for mayor Goodwin said he’s lived here a long time and wants to see the city continue in a positive direction.

“I’ve lived in O’Fallon for 40 years. I believe in service and I don’t like the direction my opponent will take. I want to see the growing as it has. We have a new hospital coming to town. We have the Metro Rec Plex out east, which is just in its infancy. They plan on so much more, like a hotel and shopping centers. I want to see that all moving forward in the correct manner,” Goodwin said. “I’d like to expand around Central Park Plaza. There is the possibility of getting a Costco or Trader Joe’s, businesses like that which we can get into this town with the right plan.”

Goodwin said there’s a lot to love about O’Fallon and he believes it all adds together to make O’Fallon an attractive place for new residents and businesses, as well as a great place to live for current residents.

“O’Fallon is a wonderful place to live. We have the best schools, housing, churches, parks. All great things that attract anyone to want to live in this town. Our police are great. This is a safe city. We’re blessed with a volunteer fire department that keeps our taxes down but provides the best service you can get. We have all of the important areas addressed, but we want to keep it that way and not slide backwards,” Goodwin said.

When asked what residents could expect if he were to become mayor, Goodwin said he wants to continue the forward momentum that has made O’Fallon one of the only cities in the Metro East to see growth recently.

“Residents can look forward to O’Fallon continuing to be a well run city. We’re supportive of the schools, the parks, the businesses. All of these things together are what make people want to live here. O’Fallon has doubled its population in the last twenty years. We’re growing when other places in Illinois and the Metro East aren’t growing and its because we have a very positive attitude. We’re business friendly. All of this development also helps keep home values up, which is really important,” Goodwin explained.

Goodwin spent 29 years in the Air Force, going in as an Airman Basic and retiring as a full Colonel from Scott Air Force Base. He operates his own insurance business and has previously received the Chamber of Commerce’s “Businessman of the Year” award. Additionally, Goodwin serves on the Gateway Region board for the YMCA and as an Assistant Governor in the local Rotary Club district. Goodwin also assists with This Able Veteran, which provides specially trained service dogs to veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Goodwin was first elected as City Clerk 16 years ago and is proud of how his office operates.

“My office has run smoothly for 16 years and has been vital for managing the growth of the city. We handle all of the business registrations. Currently there are more than 800 of them right now. We take care of the liquor licenses, keep and manage all of the city’s records, and we even take care of funeral arrangements out at the city cemetery,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin is circulating petitions now. Candidates for mayor, city clerk, treasurer, and alderman have until December 19 to file their petitions to be placed on the April 2017 ballot.