Health care in your hand

HSHS St. Elizabeth’s Marketing Specialist Emily Wilson said that the hospital’s technology apps put “health care in patients hands.” 

HSHS Go app has been used by St. Elizabeth’s since the hospital relocated from Belleville to O’Fallon. 

“HSHS Go app is a free app that includes way finding – not only to the hospital, but inside the hospital to any amenity or service,” Wilson said. 

HSHS Go provides detailed maps to help users find their way to their destination within the hospital. 

Wilson said the app also gives users direct access to the hospital’s Find a Physician directory and it can link to patient records. 

“There are a lot of different apps for health care,” Wilson said. “We have quite a few and HSHS Go ties them all together and gives the user one point of access for all these different things to help navigate their health care experience.”

Wilson said that HSHS Go has a lot of functionality, which is exciting from a patient experience perspective. 

Since the app has launched, Wilson said that it has gained traction and has been made more user friendly. 

“It’s meant to enhance their experience while they are here and even before they are here,” she said. 

According to Wilson, a new app called Ease is expected to launch this fall.

Ease app is a one-way communication to provide patient’s families with updates on their medical stay. 

Wilson said that the app is designed for specific patients either in the intensive care unit, cath lab and surgery. 

Family members can receive updates from a St. Elizabeth’s clinical team member through the app but patient’s families are not able to communicate back through the app. 

Wilson said there are forms that family members will need to fill out in order to use the app which contain HIPAA compliance information. 

“If someone has a family member that is having surgery but lives across the U.S. they can still check the app for updates if the patient has given them permission,” she said. “Its a fantastic tool for family members to receive updates.” 

An additional technological advancement utilized by St. Elizabeth’s colleagues are Vocera phones. 

A Vocera phone is a device used by the hospital’s clinical units. 

“You may see a nurse on a device that looks like a phone but it’s actually a device where they can check patients records and input information,” Wilson said. “It’s really an internal technological way to always have those records and information with a clinical team. It’s a fantastic communication tool but its also handheld technology to be able to access all of the things that our clinical teams need to access and care for patients.”

Wilson said that the use of technology in health care is rapidly expanding. 

“To be able to provide these tools to enhance patient experience, it’s really what it’s all about,” she said. “It’s about efficiency and convenience and putting quality health care in patients hands.” 

“It’s an exciting time and we are privileged to be able to offer it to our patients and families.” 

Text HEALTH to 618-205-9525 to download the HSHS Go app and try it out for yourself.