Historical Society hears from local paranormal expert

Len Adams speaks to a group of O'Fallon Historical Society members and guests. (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Angela Simmons)

Len Adams speaks to a group of O’Fallon Historical Society members and guests.
(O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Angela Simmons)

O’FALLON – Former O’Fallon resident Len Adams has made a name for himself in the paranormal world and took time to share ghostly tales from around the world at the October Historical Society meeting.

Adams entertained meeting attendees with stories from several locations on his tours, and then spoke of other area haunts like churches and restaurants that he has had good and bad paranormal experiences in. He discussed his methods, saying “I’m really not a fan of Ouija boards. I’ve tried them and had horrible things happen. There are better ways, like divining rods. Those take a real skill to use, and you can ask the spirits yes or no questions. You can loosen the front of a Maglite to where if you hit it, it will go off. You can ask questions carrying that and the light will flash in answer.” He’s a big advocate of trusting your intuition and how certain places make you feel.

Adams currently hosts the Haunted Lebanon tours which feature the Mermaid House. The Mermaid House was built by a sea captain in 1830 and has hosted Charles Dickens, who referred to his hotel stay in one of his books.

“I never promise anyone experiences, but we’ve had some crazy things happen on the tours. Upstairs in the Mermaid House, in the

Len Adams (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Angela Simmons)

Adams described his ghostly encounters (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Angela Simmons)

bigger room, that is the most active location in the building,” he said. He mentioned chairs rocking when no one is near them, and said people accuse him of doing it, even when  he’s not near them.

Attendees asked questions and made exclamations over some of Adams’s tales, especially one where a particular entity followed him home and caused physical harm. Following that event, Adams took a break from paranormal tours and hunting, and is just now easing back into that world.

Adams reflected back on getting started in paranormal research, saying that while he had been interested for years before being active, “I really thought it was something that only happened in Hollywood. I’m open to everything, but looking for proof.”

He began taking the tours in Alton from Troy Taylor and became friends with him. “I started helping with the tours, and then started leading them. Troy told me that I was doing the tour from the back of the line anyway, so I might as well take over.” Adams also rose through the ranks of the American Ghost Society to be the vice president. He’s had his stories featured on multiple TV programs, but says “I won’t share some of them. I’ve been asked for shows to develop them and I won’t allow it.”

Adams has written two books that are available at the Lebanon Visitor’s Center and Legendary Creations. The first, titled “So There I Was….. More Confessions of Ghost Hunters”, is co-authored with Troy Taylor and talks about behind the scenes happenings in paranormal hunters’ lives. The second book is titled “Phantoms in the Looking Glass: History & Hauntings of the Illinois Prairie”. Autographed copies are available on the tours. Tours run through the end of October, since they are walking tours, but in the winter months, Adams does do overnight stays at the Mermaid House. Follow his Facebook page, Haunted Lebanon Tours/ High Spirits Investigations- Ill., for more information and to keep up with current events. The last Haunted Lebanon walking tours of the season will run the Friday, October 28, and Saturday, October 29.

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