House overrides Governor, tax increase approved

The Illinois House voted to override the Governor’s veto on Thursday afternoon. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller)

SPRINGFIELD – The House voted to override the Governor’s veto of the proposed budget legislation during session this afternoon.

The motion to override the veto of Senate Bill 9, which includes a $5 billion tax increase, was approved with the exact number of votes needed, 71-42. Local State Representatives Charlie Meier (R-108th) and Katie Stewart (D-112th) voted to oppose the override, while Rep. LaToya Greenwood (D-114th) voted to support the override. Rep. Meier flipped his vote, as he was one of the 15 republicans who voted in favor of passage back on Sunday.

The motion of override the veto of Senate Bill 6, which is the spending portion of the budget, passed by a vote of 74-37. Again, Meier and Stewart voted against overriding the veto while Greenwood voted in favor of doing so.

The budget will be implemented immediately, which includes the income tax increase. Under this plan the state income tax will increase to 4.95 percent. For a family of four making $100,000, this increase will amount to another $1,095 in taxes.

The House began session later than planned after a woman threw an unidentified white powder into the Governor’s office. This prompted a full shutdown of the Capitol Building as hazmat crews were called in to assess whether the powder was dangerous or not. After nearly two hours the Capitol was reopened after it was determined to be safe.