Ice Cream Haven opens for last season in O’Fallon

Ice Cream Haven

Owners Chong “Kim” and Steve Missey thank the O’Fallon community for 27 great years and invite them to vist their Belleville location next year. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Kimberly Bennett)

O’FALLON – After 27 years, Steve and Chong “Kim” Missey, owners of Ice Cream Haven, have begun their last season of selling ice cream in O’Fallon and will be relocating their business to Belleville next year. The new location will be an outside parlor like the one they currently have and will, hopefully, bring in more business.

Their shop, currently, is located off of South Lincoln, across from the Bank of O’Fallon. Surrounding the small business are various shops where people come and go every day, several of them stopping for ice cream before leaving. “This location was a good thing,” Kim said when asked about the appeal of working in O’Fallon. “How many places can you get out of, going in and out? Most of shopping centers are not like this. [Having Ice Cream Haven here] is like a gold mine to me.”

Throughout the years of selling frozen treats, Steve and Kim have developed a nice blended formula for their ice cream, making it 96 percent fat free. “The ice cream is not super sweet,” Kim said, commenting on why she believes customers thoroughly enjoy their ice cream.

Ice Cream Haven

Even Mayor Jim Vernier sneaks out of Shiloh periodically to enjoy a sweet treat at Ice Cream Haven. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Kimberly Bennett)

If there was a treat they would like to promote more than any other frozen savory they sell, it would be their concretes and their shakes because of how thick they make them. In fact, the concrete – a blend of ice cream and crumbled candy – is actually their biggest seller.

During colder months, when Ice Cream Haven is closed, Kim spends her time with the church she and her husband attend, and Steve works at Lebanon Flea Market. But as soon as March hits, they’re back into their rhythm of selling ice cream for the summer; something both of them thoroughly enjoy.

Kim, before entering the ice cream business, used to work as a shoe store manager at Brown Shoe Company, now known as Caleres. Almost thirty years ago, a friend of hers, who used to own Ice Cream Haven, sold the shop to her, and she and her husband have been managing the location ever since.

Even though Steve and Kim are relocating their business to Sherman Street in Belleville after the season is over, it is not goodbye for good. They hope their O’Fallon customers, who have been so kind to them, will continue to visit them in the years that follow. “The 27 years,” Kim added, “that we have served ice cream in the community of O’Fallon would not have been possible without the wonderful grace of God. It has truly been a blessing.”

Ice Cream Haven is open from noon to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and noon to 10:30 p.m. through the weekend so be sure to pay Steve and Kim Missey a visit and make their last season in O’Fallon the most memorable.