Illinois State Police ask drivers to be aware after string of crashes

By Benjamin Yount, Illinois News Network

Eleven Illinois State Police trooper cars have been hit since the beginning of the year, that breaks down to once a week.

Illinois State Police spokeswoman Mindy Carroll said that number is sobering. And it’s a reminder of the dangers of being a state trooper.

“There’s always that inherent risk that is involved with our jobs,” Carroll said. “I know from my experience, I’ve had some very, very close calls. It’s very scary.”

Carroll said Illinois has a law that requires drivers to give troopers and others room to work.

“It’s not always feasible to move over. But it is always feasible to slow down,” Carroll said. “By slowing down that doesn’t mean slam on the brakes. You can ease off the brakes. Especially in this kind of weather.”

Carroll said the best advice in bad weather, or when there’s a trooper along the side of the road, is to slow down and be on alert.