Josh Bradshaw – Athlete of the Week

aotwAt the start of the season, the Panther boys’ bowling team had ten perfect games to its name. This season the Panthers have bowled four 300 games and two of them are Josh Bradshaw’s.

Bradshaw, the son of Linda and Jay Bradshaw, has been an under the radar force for the Panthers during their 2015-2016 campaign. The junior has bowled for O’Fallon since he was a freshman, and spent his sophomore season filling the sixth and seventh spots for the Panthers. As a junior this year, Bradshaw has been a consistent number two and is ramping up his play towards the end of the season.

Part of the reason for Bradshaw’s breakout season has been his year-round dedication to the sport.

“He improved a lot in the offseason,” said head coach Mike Imes.  “Josh bowled all summer in events and put in the time to get a lot better. He came in with a different attitude and a different game. The hard work is really paying off for him this season.”

Earlier this month Bradshaw had an explosive performance in the Abe Lincoln Invitational in Springfield.  Bradshaw rolled his way to a 1405 series to help the Panthers finish in first place, and he bowled the team’s first 300 game of the season. In the same month, Bradshaw went on to bowl another 300 game in the North vs South Team Tournament in Rockford, IL.  In the Rockford tournament, Bradshaw’s 300 game boosted him to a 1390 six game series score. His 1390 was the tournament’s highest individual score, and it helped the Panthers take first place.

Bradshaw now has two of the team’s four perfect games this season, all of which came in the same month of December. It also the first time any boy bowler has had multiple perfect games in O’Fallon’s history.

When he’s not leading the pack or bowling perfect games, Bradshaw has played an important support role for the Panthers this season. Averaging right at 220, Bradshaw will be a crucial part of the team’s difficult post season run.

“He’s been our number two pretty much all year. Getting more play time has made him a lot more comfortable and he’s become an integral part of the team. He’s one of those kids that is never satisfied with how well he is doing and just keeps pushing to do a little bit more,” said Imes. “Josh has been the silent giant for us all year long.”