Lauren LePere brings quiet intensity to the volleyball court

Lauren LePere

By Nick Miller

Senior Lauren LePere has been a constant presence on Coach Melissa Massey’s girls volleyball team since she was a freshman. Massey said that it was rare for a freshman to see playing time in 2015, but the fact that Lauren did says a lot.

“The one thing about Lauren is that, not just this year, but over the past four years, she’s just been so solid for us. She’s a coach’s dream, for sure. Besides her solid play on the floor, she’s so committed on the off-season and plays summer ball. She’s a great leader,” Massey said.

Lauren is known by her teammates for her intensity and drive, which some may mistake for aggression.

“I have to laugh because some people may think she’s mad or something, but we know she is intense. I think the girls don’t mistake her for being mean, they just recognize her intensity,” Massey said. 

Coming into her senior year this season, Massey said Lauren has really embraced her role as a leader on the team.

“It’s funny with Lauren, because she’s a quiet person. But, this year especially, she’s really stepped up and become more of a vocal leader. I expect a lot out of my seniors. This year I have six seniors and it can be difficult to step up and find your voice. But she’s really taken on a big leadership role. For example, just today, we were doing drills and it wasn’t going great. She stepped up, took care of it, got everyone together, and got everyone on track. She’s not afraid to do that,” Massey said. 

Lauren has proven to be valuable in a number of positions through the years, which Massey said is a huge accomplishment. 

“In volleyball these days to be a six rotation player is a big deal. You have so many specialty people… defensive specialists… liberos… and all that, and to be a six rotation player three out of the four years she’s played for me is incredible,” she said.

According to Massey, Lauren wants to attend a larger college and is considering attending one of five schools: the University of Alabama, University of Washington, University of Michigan, University of Florida, or University of Minnesota. She has yet to sign anywhere and is narrowing down her final decision. 

Ultimately, Massey knows she has a solid, strong player in Lauren and will look to rely on her a lot during this fall season.

“I have never seen somebody show me in and out every day that they are going to work hard by the way she works hard. A lot of kids may say they will, but Lauren is a gamer. She is intense, but not disrespectful. She works her butt off on the floor during practice and games. She is a constant player for me,” Massey said.