Letter to the Editor – Candidate for Mayor addresses storm water issues

Letter to the Editor GraphicAs I continue to walk through our Community and have now reached over 5,400 homes another subject that many people have expressed concerns on is the loss and/or damage of property due to storm water runoff.

Is it true that we have many areas in the City that have ongoing problems caused by storm water runoff? Yes, there are several areas in our city where home owners have ongoing problems.

Are these recent problems or have they been existing for some time? Many of these problems have existed for over 15 years

What type of impact has this caused home owners? One home owner showed me where he has loss over 12 feet of his property due to the increased storm water flow. Several people have spent $1,000’s of dollars and many hours trying to keep from losing more of their property. One family had to spend over $50,000 to restore their back yard and try to protect it from additional damage. Another person is in fear of losing his only access to his property do to storm water runoff being directed toward his property. In some areas it has lowered the value of the property do to the increased flooding of their property.

What causes this increase in storm water damage? Some of the major causes for this is when construction is allowed to occur and proper retention of the runoff water has not been required or is not calculated or channeled properly.

Is the city aware of these problem areas? Yes

Does the city help pay for the losses or damage to the property? Not in most of the cases, that I have heard about.

Herb Roach
Candidate for Mayor of O'Fallon