Letter to the Editor – Information about growth of O’Fallon

As I continue to walk through our city to over 5,800 homes many people have had questions about the history and reason for O’Fallon’s population growth.

How long has O’Fallon seen the Percentage of growth that it now has?

The city  has had a history of population growth during the past 50+ years, as you can see below:


YEARS                                    Percent of Population Growth

1960 – 1970                                         about 80%
1970 – 1980                                         about 67%
1980 – 1990                                         about 32%
1990 – 2000                                        about 36%
2000 – 2010                                        about 29%
2010 – 2016                                         about 11%

What has been the Major Factors in the population growth of O’Fallon?

Below is a list of the Major Factors:

  • Reputation for Good schools
  • Reputation of Good Quality of Life
  • The expansion of the city boundaries to the west
  • The development of I-64 in the 70’s on the west side
  • The Growth of Scott Air Force Base
  • The Strong recommendation from the major auto manufactures for dealers to move their Dealerships to Interstate Highways, helped promote commercial growth.

Have other cities in our area seen large Percentages of population Growth?

Yes , Shiloh has also had some tremendous growth  in the last 35 years. They have grown by over 1,000 percent since 1980.

Herb Roach
Candidate for Mayor of O’Fallon