Letter to the Editor – Your guess is as good as ours…

Letter to the Editor Graphic   The national geographic published recently that we all get an extra second of time. This means that myself and my team GlitteryDangerousLovesMishasMinions have an extra second of time. I’m not quite sure what they plan to do with their extra second, but I plan to get Misha to meet the Queen of England.

These two starcrossed souls need to meet and gishwhes together. It has been a longtime coming, and the world needs these to global powers together at last. I will use my extra second to travel with Misha to England to meet with the Queen. Or, if her majesty prefers, I will bring her to him. With their powers combined they can finally defeat the scourge of all gishwhesians, William Shatner.

For far to long, he has mocked us and Misha on Twitter as well as the last two years of gishwhes. Mocking us by participating and using his powerful influence in the hunt. Thankfully, he isn’t participating this year, which means this is the perfect time to strike!! He won’t be expecting a team-up between the Queen and Misha himself. I will use the extra second to make this happen.

Even if they don’t take William Shatner down, together they can do amazing things!! I however; believe that my second will be needed for this to happen. So much can happen and change in a second, and I will gladly use mine for a worthy cause such as this. I just hope everyone, including my teammates, will use their second for a worthy cause.

Greg Hartl

Swansea, Illinois