Letters to the Editor – March 15, 2017

Candidate responds to letter writer

Mr. Zelms, If you’re going to make inaccurate assumptions about me and facetiously drag my name into the mudslinging that you’ve chosen to voluntarily throw yourself into, please at least show me the respect to spell it correctly! It’s Rosenberg, with an “e”! I’m positive the respectful members of my ward will give me a fair opportunity, to at least get to know me, before making up their own minds.  Thank you!

Ross Rosenberg
Candidate for Alderman, Ward 1

Confused on candidate’s position about TIF’s

Once again Herb Roach is caught talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts. This is a very effective business incentive tool that is used to encourage development of underutilized property.

He states in a video on the BND and then again last week in a news release in the O’Fallon Weekly, that he is against the use of TIFS because they are overused and hurt schools. He opposes the RASP Farm TIF, the TIF at Central Park Drive which brought Menard’s and even the TIF at Southview Plaza.

But then he states that he voted to YES to create a new TIF district for the Four Points development, which is where the new McKendree Metro Rec Plex is located. Did that have anything to do with the fact that this new TIF is in Ward 4, which is where he is alderman?

Herb Roach has a history of talking out of both sides to the point you never know what side he is on. As Mayor, you need clear ideas and have to be willing to stand up for what you believe in and then act on it. You can’t be against business incentives and then use them when they are politically convenient for you.

Bob Wells

O’Fallon deserves better than Roach

Well Herb Roach has finally crossed the line. For two weeks, he spent money on social media ads claiming that Phil Goodwin’s campaign was spreading fake news about how Roach’s campaign sent an email directing union workers to take down Goodwin signs even though the O’Fallon Police Department confirmed that it happened.

Then last week, Roach changes the photo on a BND editorial published online to put Phil Goodwin’s photo in place of Gary Graham. He alters the story and then pushes it out to the world. And when people commented that this wasn’t true, Roach deletes the comments.

How can you justify these actions Mr. Roach? You are trying to deceive the public into making them believe things that are simply not true. You have been running around O’Fallon for a year telling everyone that the sky is falling – but actually the sky couldn’t be brighter.

Just because you say it is so – doesn’t mean it’s true. You proved that this week by altering a real story to advance your failing campaign.

O’Fallon deserves better.

Mike Butler

A message of support for Ross Rosenberg

Ross Rosenberg (Candidate for Alderman, Ward 1, O’Fallon IL), over these past few months, I have had the opportunity to discuss, with you, your perspective on many issues facing our city.  Your honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s direction and your willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns sets you far apart from others.  But most importantly, your love for your family and country are the attributes that I have come to respect and appreciate about you the most.

Thank you Sir for your 24 years of service in the military.  Your list of accommodations and deployments speaks volumes to your dedication to serve. I have also had many opportunities to witness, first hand, what an amazing father and family man that you truly are.  Our community needs many more role models like you! Therefore, I am writing today to express my support for your campaign and my intention to spread word to others of the value of your dedication and commitment to the continued success for our city.

Best of luck!

Jason Spengler

Retired teacher endorses Herb Roach

I am a retired mathematics teacher from O’Fallon Community Consolidated School District 90. While a teacher there, I was involved in negotiating teachers’ contracts. When Herb Roach was on the School Board, he was a tough negotiator for the taxpayers on the teachers’ contracts. The teachers’ association was the IFT-AFT. Yet Herb listened to both sides, was fair, and created win-win agreements.  Even though we were on opposite sides, I have great respect for Herb Roach. He is honest, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Herb understood all the details of the extensive District 90 Budget.

In addition, Herb Roach is a hard worker. He is very generous with his time. He works with programs for children and city organizations.

I support Herb Roach 100 percent.

Linda Putz

Goodwin has a clear vision

I’m writing to voice my support for the O’Fallon candidate for mayor, Phil Goodwin.

As I read articles and get information regarding this race, I am struck by the trustworthiness I see in Phil.

His approach is straightforward – what you see is what you get. Phil is a veteran, and I am comforted that someone with his background would be running our city.

I’m confident he will always keep the best interest of O’Fallon citizens in mind when making decisions. His message is simple and honest.

Phil has a clear vision for moving the community forward, and he’s the only candidate with a real plan to help reduce property taxes for O’Fallon homeowners. That’s why I’m voting for Phil.

Linda Cowden

Beware of Roach and Vetri

Beware O’Fallon – Herb Roach is backing Kristi Vetri as a write in for Treasurer. Vetri is the former Mayor of O’Fallon in the early 1990’s who was indicted on six felony charges of bankruptcy fraud and one charge of conspiracy to defraud the government.

She left the city in a shambles after she was mayor and took a plea deal and then skipped town. Now she is back and Roach is working with her to get himself elected mayor and her elected as the Treasurer.

Is this what O’Fallon really wants? Do we really want Vetri and Roach in City Hall making decisions about how our city is going to operate. Electing Roach and Vetri would put O’Fallon backwards two decades.

Roach has been spending money and time trying to tell all of us that O’Fallon is not going in the right direction. Well if he thinks that Kristi Vetri represents the right direction – he is on the wrong train.

We need to keep O’Fallon moving forward and a vote for Roach and Vetri is a vote in the wrong direction.

Mary Thurman

Rosenberg has drive to make difference

I am writing to offer my wholehearted support for Ross Rosenberg, the Alderman candidate for Ward 1 in O’Fallon, IL. I’ve known Ross for over 30 years and can attest to his strength of character and strong family values.

As a former member of our military, Ross’ well known commitment to accountability in many levels of management will promote an atmosphere of cooperation within the city council. Ross is an outstanding and active citizen with a great commitment to his community. He has the common-sense approach and drive needed to make a difference in the future of our city. I look forward to seeing Ross elected April 4th. If you want to see honest people in your local government, join me in supporting Ross Rosenberg for Alderman!

Brett Faulk

Resident in favor of Rosenberg

I would like to go on record as endorsing Ross Rosenberg for Alderman, Ward 1, O’Fallon IL.  Ross brings a fresh perspective of the importance of ensuring each member of his Ward is well represented, and more importantly, that their concerns and compliments are heard.

Ross is honest, reliable, and willing to put in the work that being an Alderman requires.  He exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness.

Ross will use those qualities to continue the tradition of O’Fallon being the best city in Southern Illinois to raise a family.  I know Ross to be a dedicated family man and someone who cares deeply about the continued progress of O’Fallon!

His 24 year distinguished military career has given him the opportunity to manage teams that create (and adhere to) budgets, oversee projects are completed in a timely manner and to ensure the proper personnel are available and adequately trained.

I believe the residents of Ward 1 would be fortunate to have Ross Rosenberg representing them and I hope he will have your vote on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017.

Terri Ettling-Shell, MS

O’Fallon: A Great Place to Live

Campaign buzzwords from the alderman forum: debt, property tax, communication. The City of O’Fallon has an AA+ bond rating again. S&P issued this bond rating, and they look at everything when they do the rating. Most importantly, they look at the city’s asset to debt ratio…O’Fallon’s is 3:1. Perspective is important when discussing debt, please don’t get lost in only one side of the city finance equation.

I’ve pulled the property taxes for 10 surrounding communities and O’Fallon was lower in overall tax rate than 7 out of 10. O’Fallon’s assessed home values are higher than surrounding communities, a huge factor in your tax bill. Another factor is the multiplier, O’Fallon has been one of the only communities in the Metro-East with a positive multiplier the last few year. Why? Because people are moving into O’Fallon not out of it, probably because O’Fallon is known for great schools, great parks and home values.

You don’t know who your alderman is or what’s going on…that’s your own fault! Information about what’s going on in the city is available at city hall, on the city’s website, on the city’s Facebook page, on the cable access channel, in the local papers and you can even contact your alderman directly with any questions. You want better communication, it starts with you!

I would also be negligent of my daughter and sister duties if I did not use this as an opportunity to ask you to write-in David Hursey for treasurer and Chris Hursey for Ward 5 Alderman (make sure you fill in the oval and write their entire name) on April 4th. O’Fallon is a great place to live and raise a family, and it still will be after the election too!

Martha F. Stoffel

Postcard deserves a fact check

Everyone get the political mailer stating Herb Roach’s campaign for mayor is being funded by Belleville machine chairman Mark Kern? It cites the source as the O’Fallon Weekly, February 15, 2017. Sounds official; it must be true.

Fact check #1: The Illinois State Board of Elections’ website shows no contributions or transfers to Mr. Roach’s campaign from Mr. Kern, his campaign committee, nor his party.

Fact check #2: As for the source cited on the brochure, the only mention of this “bankrolling” in the Weekly’s February 15th publication is in a letter to the editor from Barb Viviano, First Vice-chairman of the St. Clair County Republican Party.

If this slick, color flier looks familiar, it should. The strategist behind the Goodwin campaign is the same consultant behind the “vote yes please” campaign two years ago when Mayor Graham wanted to privatize the water/sewer system.

It’s like throwing Jello on the wall. If you toss enough unsubstantiated figures out to the public, something might stick. The voters of O’Fallon didn’t buy it then, and you shouldn’t buy it now.

I recommend voting for Herb Roach, the only true independent candidate who is trying to earn your vote by walking this city and knocking on doors in order to hear from the people he wants to serve. He is also the only candidate running his own campaign; unlike Phil Goodwin who hired a marketing consultant to run his.

Ron Zelms