Lloyd dedicates fire pit and flag pole as part of Eagle Scout project

Jack Lloyd presenting a souvenir American Flag to Carol Lunan, President of the O’Fallon 1st UMC Trustees (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Kimberly Bennett)

By Kimberly Bennett

O’FALLON – Jack Lloyd, a Life Scout in Troop #46 who has been working on completing the requirements for achieving the renowned Eagle Scout rank, gave his presentation on Monday, October 15, dedicating a fire pit and flag pole to the O’Fallon First United Methodist Church on their Milburn pavilion grounds off of Simmons Road. 

Ethan Hall, committee member of Troop #46, mentioned that “[Jack] had presented an idea to the O’Fallon First UMC Committee about improving the [Milburn] property by erecting a flagpole and installing a firepit. This project would allow groups using the property to have additional opportunities for gathering and camaraderie. Both items were approved, and a general schedule was then presented to have these completed by Fall 2018.” 

Jack received approval from the church committee before presenting his project idea to the St. Clair District Committee for the Greater St. Louis Area Boy Scouts. The Boy Scout committee also approved his proposal, and afterwards, he started fundraising, planning work days and completing his project. 

“No costs,” according to Ethan, “associated with this project were directly to the church.” 

By providing leadership over the project, he was able to complete, was one of the final steps towards his Eagle Scout advancement. After his project’s completion, Jack wanted to make a formal presentation to the Church committee, and he had a plaque, describing his project and its dedication, inscribed in front of the flagpole. 

Connor McGinnis (left) and Lex White, Jr. (right) lower the worn American Flag during the ceremony (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Kimberly Bennett)

During Jack’s presentation, members of the troop lowered the old and tattered American Flag initially on the pole and respectfully burned it in the fire pit as Jack shared with the audience the importance of retiring a worn flag before flying a new one. Once the older flag had been burnt, the scouts raised a new American Flag in its place before having a moment of silence to honor it. 

At the end of the ceremony, Jack presented a folded flag to Carol Lunan, head of the O’Fallon First UMC Trustees as a keepsake for the church.