Local baker makes healthier dog treats

Lindy Organ’s dog, Roxy

By Joey Lojan

Locally owned Baker’s Bark is at the Belleville Farmers Market. Lindy Organ owns Baker’s Bark which makes dog treats. Organ’s dog, Roxy, is a six-year-old pit mix and has severe allergies. Her inspiration was to try to help Roxy be healthier. 

Organ wanted to make healthy dog treats for Roxy. She found recipes online and altered them to make the treats healthier. She started to sell them at the Belleville Farmers Market. A lot of dogs come for a sample. 

Organ has been in business for a year now. 

“I started the business because I wanted people to get good quality dog treats, that were affordable,” she said.  

While selling her treats, Organ says she has make a lot of new friends, especially four-legged ones.

Organ said the ingredients in her treats are very important. 

“I use all natural ingredients with some organic,” she said.

I think Baker’s Bark is a good business because they had two-legged and four-legged customers. While I was there, Organ knew some of the customers. The dogs came back for more treats. The owners trusted Baker’s Bark. I hope Baker’s Bark does well in the future.