Local corporate sponsors assist OTHS Band with budget concerns

Dr. Melissa Gustafson-Hinds, OTHS Band Director; Dustin Wilcox, OTHS Band Booster President; Joy Schrieber, First National Bank, Schnucks Banking Center Branch, Manager; Laura Mergelkamp, First National Bank, Marketing Officer (Submitted Photo)

O’FALLON – In order to provide the talented O’Fallon band students with necessary resources, equipment, and travel funds needed to sustain the nationally recognized band program amidst school budget cuts, the O’Fallon Panther Band Boosters implemented a two-tiered sponsorship program.

On April, 6, two local businesses stepped up to support the OTHS band program as corporate sponsors and presented the band with checks at an Band Boosters meeting held at the Milburn Campus.

Under the Momentum of Music Program, individual sponsors contribute between $25 and $2,500 in tax-deductible donations in exchange for a variety of recognition offerings. Corporate Sponsors are asked to contribute at 1 of 5 levels (Bronze through Palladium) with donations ranging from $1,000 to $25,000.

The First National Bank of Waterloo, already a fundraising partner and Band Craft Fair sponsor, joined at the Bronze Level.

“First National Bank of Waterloo is dedicated to providing financial support for our community’s progress, building one-on-one relationships with those in our communities and committing time, leadership and resources to local organizations.  With two locations in O’Fallon, we are very proud to support such an amazing organization who does so much for our youth.  Community isn’t just a place–It’s how we do business at First National Bank.,” said Laura Mergelkamp, representative for First National Bank of Waterloo.

Dr. Melissa Gustafson-Hinds, OTHS Band Director; Dustin Wilcox, OTHS Band Booster President; Jason Spengler, Owner of Spengler Company (Submitted Photo)

The Spengler Company, a locally-owned plumbing, heating and cooling powerhouse, joined at the Gold level.

“The OTHS band program spans the generations in my family. My parents were band members, I was, and now my daughter Bailey is in the color guard. I wanted to give back because the program has given me and the community so much. I owe a lot of my leadership skills to my time in the O’Fallon band and the director I had at the time, Vincent Cosmano. I know my daughter and her bandmates are getting the same valuable skills from Dr. G and their OTHS band experience,” said Jason Spengler, owner of Spengler Company.

Two other local companies, Bizhiw Information Technologies, LLC. and Scott Credit Union, are also on the Corporate Sponsorship Team that supports the OTHS Panther Band program.

“When an individual or business steps up to become a sponsor, it’s really quite special. That level of support helps to sustain a successful band program for these students and to propel us to the next level. We are so grateful. And we are so proud to be ambassadors of O’Fallon,” said Dr. Melissa Gustafson-Hinds, OTHS band director.

The O’Fallon Panther Band Boosters is a 501(c)(3) organization. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring the OTHS Panther Band program visit othsband.com or email director@othsband.com.