Local girl raising money for Randy’s Rescue Ranch

Delaney Hall and Randy Grim at Randy’s Rescue Ranch
(Submitted Photo)

By Kate Crutcher

O’FALLON – Over the course of the last six years, Delaney Hall from Delaney’s Donations, has helped a charity raise money for her birthday. Hall has chosen Randy’s Rescue Ranch as her charity of choice for her 13th birthday. 

Hall is a seventh grader who enjoys a variety of activities, some of which are volleyball, anime, drawing and horses. She has been helping charities for her birthday since she was eight years old. 

“I try to do a different thing every year. I have done dogs in the past and so this year I thought I could just do animals in general,” Hall said. 

Since 2014, Hall has helped; Gateway Per Guardians by gathering a van full of supplies and $300, St Louis Children’s Hospital by delivering 40 handmade fleece blankets, The Shoeman Water Project by donating 2,004 pairs of shoes and $103, Fontebella Maternity Home by delivering a half of a 14-foot box truck along with $1,215, and St. John Bosco/Caritas by donating $5,500 and games. This year Hall’s goal is to raise $6,000 for Randy’s Rescue Ranch. 

“It was a local charity and it is not like everywhere. There is only one ranch and it is specific to the O’Fallon area,” Hall said. 

This year, Delaney’s Donations, is teaming up with Dairy Queen and McAlister’s to fundraise for Randy’s Rescue Ranch. A poker night is in the process of being scheduled at the ranch to bring in the bulk of the fundraiser money. 

“Hopefully I will make my end goal of $6,000, ” Hall said. 

According to their website, Randy’s Rescue Ranch is a place of healing for both animals and people using progressive programs. The ranch was founded in 2017 by Randy Grim. 

“I’m the founder of Stray Rescue St. Louis, downtown, and it has been around for over 20 years, but rescuing really started when I was a kid. I was five years old when my brother and I rescued our first dog,” Grim said. 

Randy’s Rescue Ranch does have hopes of adopting out as many animals as they can, whenever they can. Most animals are adoptable, however some are what Randy calls “residents.” Which are the animals that are older and need more care, so they will stay on the farm until they pass on. 

“From cows, pigs, and horses to dogs and cats we have over 30 animals, here on the farm. We try and focus more on the larger animals, since we are equipped to handle them,” Grim said. 

The ranch is open to visitors on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There, you can visit the Welcome Center and schedule a tour to see for yourself the amazing animals. 

“It is a special place. Everyone says it is the place of miracles. The goal is to match the people with the right animal or the animal with the right person,” Grim said. 

Grim also wanted to add that farm “totally relies on private donations to be able to help these animals.” Some programs that are free for the community are; special needs adult programs on Fridays and Tuesdays are special need programs for children. Along with a new program starting on Thursdays for PTSD [Pst Traumatic Stress Disorder] survivors and disabled soldiers. 

To learn more about upcoming events where you can support Delaney’s Donations, visit her page on Facebook.