Local girl says Auf Wiedersehen to O’Fallon for Rotary Exchange Program


Maggie Papproth is ditching her OTHS blue and gold, though she will keep it close to her heart, and exchanging it for the colors of Gymnasium Höchstadt, her new school in Höchstadt, Bavaria, Germany.  Maggie is heading overseas as part of the Rotary Exchange Program and will spend nearly a year in Germany.

Maggie is the daughter of O’Fallon Real Estate Agent Whitney Wisnasky-Bettorf. Whitney is an active member of the O’Fallon Rotary Club, and because Maggie is her sidekick, she grew up attending meetings, watching and learning about all of the different parts of the community that the Rotary supports, one of them being the exchange student program. Over the years, Maggie began to look up to students that were participating in the Rotary Exchange Program like Rachel Sabella, who went to India in 2015.

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