Memorial & St. Elizabeth’s Cancer Treatment Center is first in Southern IL to perform Stereotactic Radiosurgery

St. E's and Memorial   Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) is a highly precise form of radiation therapy initially developed to treat small brain tumors and functional abnormalities of the brain. This high-tech treatment, formally available only at cancer treatment centers in St. Louis is now available in Swansea, IL. Despite its name, SRS is a non-surgical procedure where radiation therapy is given at much higher doses, where dose delivery is accurate to within one to two millimeters, and delivered in only a single or a few treatments, as compared to traditional radiation therapy. This treatment is only possible due to the development of highly advanced radiation technologies that permit maximum dose delivery within the target while minimizing dose to the surrounding healthy tissue. The goal is to deliver doses that will destroy the tumor and achieve high local control.

SRS is an important alternative to invasive surgery, especially for patients who are non-surgical candidates with tumors and abnormalities that are hard to reach, located close to vital organs/anatomic regions, or are subject to movement within the body. SRS can be used to treat small brain and spinal cord tumors, both benign and malignant, blood vessel abnormalities in the brain, certain small tumors in the lungs and liver.

Our SRS team, Jason Lee, MD, PhD, and Susan Laduzinsky, MD, Radiation Oncologists at Cancer Treatment Center and an area board certified Neurosurgeon, work closely on these cases, performing more than eight procedures since the program’s inception.

Memorial & St. Elizabeth’s Cancer Treatment Center is celebrating 30 years of providing Radiation Therapy, Pet/CT Imaging, Nutritional Counseling and a Therapeutic Learning Center in our community. For more information call (618)236-1000 or log onto