Moye announces September Character Builder students

The Character Education word of the month at Delores Moye Elementary School for the month of September is respect ~ treating others the way you would like to be treated, including self, property, and authority.  The following are students who are being recognized for being respectful.

Camden Krausz, Anna McDougle, Ryker Cadotte, Angelo Bennett, Grady Martie, Avery Heavens, Caroline Gramling, Emersyn English, Stella Robins, Brandon Willie, Laura Wilczak, Nate Davis, J’Shaun Morris, Olivia Ferdinandsen, Kayla Williams, Jayden Bowen, Nayt Sova, Jaya Williams, Scott Stoelzle, Carson Nix, Paige Hundley, Shelby Guthrie, Claire Nieroda, Lorelei McDaniel, Logan Kampmann, Elijah Story, Gavin Underwood, Trent Ganger, Noah Higgins (Submitted Photo)