Moye wishes Williams a fond farewell

Becky Williams smiles as she sees her students’ outpouring of love,
accompanied by her grandchildren holding signs to support her.
(O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Kayla Andersen)

By Kayla Andersen
Weekly Reporter

O’FALLON – On Wednesday, May 19, the campus of Delores Moye Elementary school was erupting with excitement as they gave Becky Williams a huge sendoff into retirement.
Williams has served district 90 for 33 years. She initially taught first grade at Evans and sixth grade at Evans and Schaefer. She later assumed the role of Assistant Principal at Moye and then stepped up as the Principal. She says she will greatly miss the district she has called home for the past three decades, but this sendoff was the perfect surprise.
To celebrate the well-loved principal, the school planned a local parade. Williams waved from a car filled with her family members and her grandchildren held signs reading, “We Love Grammy.” After briefly touring the local neighborhoods in a farewell parade, the vehicles returned to the school campus where children from every grade lined the track waving and chanting Williams’ name. She did a last “victory lap” to celebrate her time at the school and say goodbye to the students she had spent so many hours serving.
Assistant Principal Amanda Ganey shared that Williams’ love for her students has always stood out.
“We wanted to honor her love for students and family. We wanted to include her family to drive her through the parade because there’s nothing more important to Mrs. Williams than her family. This is my first year with Mrs. Williams and that’s what it was always about – always about the students and always about families. That’s why we wanted to do this to recognize her love for students,” said Ganey.
Upon planning the event, she says that the response from both students and staff members was one of pure excitement. They were so eager to rally around Williams to congratulate her on a job well done and send her off with exuberance into her new journey. Upon seeing the crowd of students cheering, Williams couldn’t do anything but smile.
“It was amazing,” Williams said. “Such a big surprise. I was totally amazed, thanks to all these guys. It was wonderful.”
Williams’ official retirement date is June 17. In her retirement, she plans to spend more time with her grandchildren and her dog. In her spare time, she also wants to travel more. But for now, she’s enjoying her last few days with the district after a wonderful career as an outstanding educator.