Navy veteran walking across nation to raise awareness of covert military experimentation

Stops in O’Fallon on cross country walk along Highway 50

David Voigts and his beagle are walking cross country to raise awareness of alleged military experiments (O'Fallon Weekly Photo by Jeff Egbert)

David Voigts and his beagle are walking cross country to raise awareness of alleged military experiments (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Jeff Egbert)

O’FALLON – A former naval officer originally from Dwight, Illinois, has been walking across the country along US Highway 50 to raise awareness of alleged military experiments on United States citizens.

David Voigts, who served in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer in Electronic Warfare and nuclear engineering jobs, said he discovered during his service that experimentation is taking place on US citizens involving human-machine interface technology. He likens it to a modern version of Project MKULTRA, which was a CIA experiment in the 1950’s until the 1970’s. Project MKULTRA researched ways to manipulate mental states and alter brain functions.  The program used many illegal methods including sleep deprivation, administration of drugs, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse as well as torture.

Voigts, who passed through O’Fallon on his cross-country trek, said he felt he had a moral obligation to bring this experimentation to light.

“At the academy, they have classes in ethics and moral philosophy. They take you through the Holocaust Museum, they teach you about the Tuskegee Experiment, and what happened in the killing fields of Cambodia.  They want to make sure you have a strong moral compass. So we’ve got this issue here where we’ve got a non-consensual experiment with a group of American citizens, some former military but mostly unsuspecting regular citizens, and I felt the need to draw attention to it,” said Voigts.

Voigts said the easiest way to understand the technology being used is to imagine modern prosthetic limbs.

“It’s a technology that’s used in modern prosthetic limbs that allows wireless connection to the brain, and allowing brain-powered prosthetic limbs. There are six different TED Talks on it, so people are becoming more familiar with the technology,” he said.

The people being experimented on are calling themselves Targeted Individuals and that they are all dealing with the effects of the experimentation in different ways. Unfortunately, according to Voigts, some have lashed out violently.

“There have been five shootings now that have been associated with this program. The most recent is the Baton Rouge shooting, where CNN, the Kansas City Star, New York Times all reported that Gavin Long, the shooter, was a targeted individual. He had YouTube videos, blog posts, emails and a connection to an organization called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, which is a survivors group where you have a group meeting and try to get support from one another. Another was the Navy Yard incident where 12 or 14 people were shot dead there.,” Voigts explained.

Voigts said once he learned enough about the program, he felt the need to draw attention to it. However, he said efforts to get the government to look into it have been less than successful. He believes the best way he can draw attention to the program is to walk across the nation and spread the word himself.

“This is a torture weapon. You’ve got 4,000 to 10,000 people in the United States that are in this program at various sequences along the spectrum of the program. I couldn’t live with myself knowing it was happening. Its like not stepping in before the Holocaust,” Voigts said.

Voigts does stress that he doesn’t believe this program is a sanctioned military program and that the military he knows would never condone something like it.

“They’ve tortured people to the point where they go and commit mass shootings. That’s not what the military is about. There’s a strong ethical undercurrent there. If they’re given an unlawful order, they know not to follow it. Clearly this is a case of a rogue program.,” he said.

Voigts began his walk at the Atlantic coast during the second week of May. He plans to walk to California, down the coast to Route 66, and then walk back to Illinois.

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