New adult flag football league coming to O’Fallon

By Kate Crutcher

O’FALLON – A new flag football league is coming to O’Fallon. 

Tyler Henson is bringing TUFF to O’Fallon. TUFF is short for The Ultimate Flag Football League. Henson is the O’Fallon Conference Manager, along with being responsible for all the sponsorship sales for the league. As a Conference Manager, Henson will be at the fields every week, hiring referees, videographers and other essential personal, to help the conference run smoothly. 

“As someone who has been involved with the league now for a year, worked with the owner, and also out at the Creve Coeur Conference, TUFF brings two words to mind, opportunity and visionary,” Henson said. 

If anyone in the community would like to participate, whether as a team (8 to 12 players) or as a free agent and get placed on a team, Henson looks forward to helping you sign up. TUFF is for players over the age of 18, however, if you are under the age of 18, but are still interested in participating, a written permission slip from parents is required. Registration can be completed by signing up online, 

“We are providing a platform to give adults an opportunity to showcase their skills to not just St. Louis, but LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New York, and anywhere else we end up starting up in. It also gives people, like me, the opportunity to live out a dream of running a league of my own and developing this conference from the ground up,” Henson said. 

St. Louis was the first non-California expansion city TUFF brought its product to. O’Fallon was the perfect fit due to distance from Creve Coeur and also accessibility to premium field space for the season at the O’Fallon Sports Park. 

“As long as everything goes correctly, in the winter of 2021, we will be flying one team from each city out to LA to compete for The TUFF Cup all expenses paid. Imagine being flown out to LA and treated like a celebrity with camera crews following you and your journey to becoming the Champions of TUFF. That is the vision and what is intriguing to me,” Henson said.