New state funding model allows for money to flow into local schools

O’FALLON – Illinois schools are finally being compared in an even light thanks to the new Evidence-Based Funding model that Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law last August. The model uses a formula of 26 factors to figure out where all Illinois school districts fall on an adequacy scale, with 90 percent being the current target. O’Fallon and Shiloh schools will all be getting additional funds based on the new formula. 

Adequacy in this sense means how much the districts spend per student versus how much the state thinks they should be spending, based on the calculations. Of the four local districts, District 104 has the highest adequacy percentage at 81 percent, and will be getting $15,187.69. District 90 came the next highest at 69 percent, receiving $205,749.50, Shiloh weighed in at 66 percent and will receive 47,970.52, and OTHS has an adequacy of 62 percent, receiving $442,069.14.

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