O’Fallon annual water system treatment begins August 4

O'Fallon Water TowerO’FALLON – Illinois-American Water Company will begin the annual special treatment of their water system on August 4.

Illinois American Water will be temporarily changing the type of disinfectant used in the water as they always do this time of year. Instead of combining the chlorine in the water with ammonia, they will be adding chlorine only.  The city will be notified when they go back to the normal type of disinfectant in approximately four to five weeks.

  How will this program affect me?

The safety of the water will not be affected by this temporary change.  Many water plants use chlorine in the free, uncombined form on a regular basis.  Illinois American Water will continue to supply high quality water that meets the requirements of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

There is no need to boil the water.  If an objectionable difference in odor is noticed, then allow water drawn from the tap to sit in the refrigerator for a few hours.  Dialysis patients and renal care facilities should be aware of these changes and adjust their health care practices accordingly.

  Why is it necessary to make a temporary change in the type of disinfectant?

This change is needed to remove residues that have been collected due to their normal disinfection practices.  Water leaving the plants is usually disinfected with a combination of chlorine and ammonia.  Combining the chlorine with ammonia is beneficial in that it prevents bacterial growth by keeping the chlorine in the water longer.  It also prevents disinfection by-product formation and taste / odor problems.  The use of the ammonia with the chlorine, however, can result in a buildup of amounts of certain chemicals.  These chemicals can be removed or prevented from forming by using free chlorine rather than the combined chlorine for a short time each year.

The City of O’Fallon buys treated water wholesale from the private company, Illinois-American, and then pumps it to all water customers. Therefore, Illinois-American will be treating the water prior to its delivery to the City of O’Fallon’s pumping station in French Village.

For more information, contact O’Fallon Public Works Department at 624-4500 ext. 3.