O’Fallon Council receives update on five year Capital Improvement Plan

By Martha Stoffel

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon City Council received a presentation from city staff of the five-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) at Monday’s Committee of the Whole. 

The presented CIP is for the period of May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2024, fiscal years 2020 – 2024. Council receives a presentation and approves the CIP on an annual basis. Each city department includes projects and funding sources. Implementation of projects are based on available revenue when the budget is put in place each year and approved by council, so listed projects may or may not occur in the fiscal year presented.

The 2020-2024 Capital Improvements Plan totals $66,596,423 worth of projects, with $25,607,823 for FY2020. Almost eighty-eight percent of the CIP projects are for public infrastructure, with vehicles (6.6%) and equipment (5.7%) representing the next two largest project categories. 

Public works projects for FY2020 total $22,294,000. The largest project for public works is phase two of the waste water treatment plant at $9 million. There are several sewer projects projected for 2020 and watermain replacements for Mark Drive and phase two of the Southview Watermain replacement project. Phase four of the presidential streets stormwater remediation is planned for FY2020, as well as Holliday Drive drainage improvements. The pavement management program is planned at $1.755 million each year to repair and maintain city streets. 

Most of the public safety needs projected were for vehicle replacements. A third ambulance is planned for FY2020, with a replacement of the ladder fire truck in FY2023 and a fire engine replacement in FY2024. Patrol car replacement and other CID administration vehicle replacements for the police department are planned for each year. The largest item for public safety is slated under facilities, a new fire station to be constructed on the east end of town to meet response time and distance requirements with projected cost of $3 million. 

FY2020 parks and recreation projects presented included resurfacing of the north trail at the Sports Park, maintenance on the Illini bike trail and the Kyle Street bike trailhead. Landscaping and furnishing in two areas at the sports park are projected for FY2020, adding picnic tables and shade to the new fields #9 and #10 and retaining wall completion at the blue quad. Also for Sports Park fields #9 and #10, LED lights are projected to be added to extend the time those fields can be used. The blue quad of fields at the Sports Park are also planned to receive turf infields in FY2020, with the red quad planned for FY 2022. Hotel/motel tax or grants will be the fund source for many of the parks and recreation projects. 

The information technology department projected networking items, computer replacements and server updates. The largest project is for FY2024 when a phone system replacement will be needed. Other capital improvement projects presented included gateway signage at main entrances to the city, wayfinding/parking signage primarily downtown, code enforcement vehicle replacements and some facility & security upgrades at city buildings and parks. 

The Capital Improvements Plan will be discussed again at the November 12th Finance & Administration committee meeting. The full CIP packet is available on the city’s website, attached to the meeting agendas via Boarddocs. 

Correction from October 25th article regarding the 2018 tax levy. Current Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV) projections have staff estimating the requested tax rate to be 0.9813, down from 0.9837 in 2017. If the final EAV comes back higher, the tax rate will be lower, and vice versa.