O’Fallon Library News & Notes – September 28, 2016


stack-of-books-1001655 RESIZEDThe O’Fallon Library is proud to announce that all our patrons now have access to a new brand new database called BrainHQ.  Forget paying for your own subscription of this or Luminosity!  We have done it for you.

This database helps with brain fitness.  Our brains peak at their performance at age 27, but through continual learning and challenge we can help remodel our brains and function maximally so we can lead the life we want.  Through training you can gain up to 10 years’ improvement in memory, experience increased visual and auditory processing, improve reaction time, and even decrease medical costs.

This is an online suite of 27 exercises with over 840 levels of training organized around the 6 core cognitive areas of Attention, Brain Speed, Memory, People Skills, Intelligence and Navigation.  It only takes about 20 minutes of your day.

To get started go to the Library’s website and click on the specialty resources tab under research http://ofpl.info/resources.  Click on BrainHQ.  Put in your barcode number under user name, your PIN under password (the last four digits of your phone number it you haven’t used it before.)  Then put in your email address.  You will be asked some questions and a personalized program will be started for you.  Just like exercise isn’t always easy this is not easy either.  But as you continue you can see your progress and how you rate with others in your age group.  If you are just a little competitive that will help you pay more attention as three dots are flying all over the place and you must track them as twenty more dots appear.  It is easy following one dot but not so easy following three.

Dylan Bracamonte at Homework Happy Hour  (Submitted Photo)

Dylan Bracamonte at Homework Happy Hour
(Submitted Photo)

We are one of the first library’s in the area to offer this program to our patrons so I hope everyone will take advantage of this new resource of “brain exercising.”

Speaking of exercise the Library offers all kinds of yoga classes, Zumba, a speed reading club, and more to help you exercise your body!  Check out the Library’s calendar!

The Library also has several book clubs for adults and of course reading and learning new things is a way to keep your brain healthy also!

Recently the Library held a Homework Happy Hour and about 40 adults and children attended.  The children received two free books while staff worked with their parents on how to use the Library’s online resources to help their children with school projects and improving learning skills.  Dylan Bracamonte and his mother happened to come into the Library to sign up for a library card that day since they had newly relocated to O’Fallon from Texas they stopped by  at the right time and decided to  attended the program. Dylan, a first grader, was thrilled to pick up two new books.  One on head lice and the other on electricity.  Obviously, he has a curious mind!

We encourage anyone new to O’Fallon to stop by the Library and get a card.  The Library has wonderful resources for all ages plus you can always sit down and read a newspaper, browse the stacks, work on your laptop, attend a class, use a computer and feel the sense of community the Library offers.

Plus, if you are planning to vote the last day to register at the Library is approaching fast. October 11th is the last day you can register if you want to vote in the November 8th elections.  We are open seven days a week and have staff always available to sign you up to vote!  If you miss the deadline you still have other options available but that is the last day that the Library can offer this service for the upcoming election!