O’Fallon Parks & Rec ask teens to join new committee

By Kate Crutcher

O’FALLON – A new committee is being assembled by the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation for teens in the local community. This committee will be composed of teens aged 13 – 15. 

Parks and Recreation is asking teens to come together to voice their opinions in a focus group setting as volunteers. The hope is that this focus group will bring together ‘the needs of everyone in the community.’ 

“Coming up with activities and programming that they think other teens will be interested in. Once we figure out what they want to do, we will try to plan it and run it,” Andrew Dallner said, Superintendent of Recreation. 

Dallner is hoping that the teen committee will meet more than once a year and meet as often as needed. Quite possibly, the Teen Committee might meet every year before the next round of brochures are sent out.

“I think it needs to be a collaborative effort. We will probably get some white boards up and work together to complete exercises to promote discussion. We will need some energy in the room, to get the ideas flowing,” Dallner said. 

Teens are asked to fill out a form on the Park and Recreation website, with permission from their parents; https://ofallonparksandrec.com/teen-committee/.