O’Fallon PD has adopted new “Lock It or Lose It” program

The O’Fallon, Illinois Police Department has adopted a new program entitled, “LOCK IT or LOSE IT”.  The intent of the program is to promote awareness in hopes of eliminating thefts from automobiles occurring in the City of O’Fallon.  The O’Fallon Police Department has currently investigated several thefts from vehicles, in which many of the vehicles were unlocked.  Items taken in these quickly committed crimes range from spare change to wallets, personal/business documents, electronics, and firearms

In most, if not all instances, this type of crime can be prevented by simply locking car doors, assuring all the windows are completely shut, removing all valuable items, keeping change and charging cords out of sight, and NEVER leave keys inside the vehicle.

Getting in the mindset of locking doors to your home, garages, and vehicles is the first step of minimizing the chance of becoming a crime victim.

O’Fallon Police Officers will begin deploying “LOCK IT or LOSE IT” yard signs randomly in residential and business areas throughout the City of O’Fallon. This program supports the mission of the O’Fallon Police Department’s dedication to the community by proactively solving problems and protecting life and property through education and prevention.

For more information about the “LOCK IT or LOSE IT” program, please feel free to contact Captain James Cavins, 618-624-9539.