O’Fallon PD investigating local towing company for possible price gouging

O'Fallon PDO’FALLON – The O’Fallon Police Department is crafting an ordinance to cap certain towing fees after billing inconsistencies were found at O’Fallon Shiloh Towing.

The towing company came under fire following a KMOV report related to a $782.50 tow.

Police Chief Eric Van Hook was disturbed by the department’s findings since O’Fallon Shiloh Towing is one of two companies the police department regularly employs.

While the towing company did ultimately reduce the price of the tow in question from $782.50 to $450, the police department did suspend the company from the department’s towing rotation for a week.

O’Fallon Police have requested that anyone else who feel as though they have been overcharged by O’Fallon Shiloh Towing to contact the department. KMOV reports the department is concerned the company may be inflating prices hoping insurance companies will just pay the higher fees.