O’Fallon Public Works Committee gives approval to parking restriction plan

By Martha Stoffel

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon Public Works committee approved an ordinance amendment to proceed to council restricting the parking on the east side of North Smiley Street, just north of East Wesley Drive. No parking will be permitted from the intersection of Smiley and Wesley for 200 feet north during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. while the school is in session.

The principal at EK elementary school brought the parking issue to the city’s attention. Currently parents are parking on both sides of the street near that portion of the road, which is a narrow section of the road to begin with, and it is restricting traffic flow to allow only one car to pass through. 

Upon approval from City Council, the parking restriction would go into effect immediately. The principal will notify parents of the parking restriction. 

The committee also approved a new sewer treatment service agreement with the Village of Shiloh for treatment of Shiloh’s sewage and to include a contribution from Shiloh towards the upcoming expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The current agreement has expired and was in need of renewal. The new contract is for 20 years.