O’Fallon Station construction on schedule, to open in early November

By Martha Stoffel

O’FALLON – During Monday evening’s City Council Parks and Environment Committee meeting, an update was given regarding the ongoing construction of the O’Fallon Station. 

Mary Jeanne Hutchison, Director of Parks & Recreation, said the steel arrived Monday and framing will begin on the pavilion structure. Curbing work has been on-going, and they are hopeful to begin paving the road and parking in three weeks. 

The project is currently on schedule, with a tentative completion date of November 1. 

“Curbing should be done in the next two weeks or so. We’re working on the north side now, then the curbing around the Scale House, which was a change order because it wasn’t planned for,” Hutchison said. “Our plan is to be paving in the next three weeks. We’ll be able to have the pavement for the road and the parking done and then we’ll fence off the area as they erect the building.”

A kickoff event is tentatively being planned for the November 8 or 9, with a ticketed fundraising event after its opening. 

“We’re working on about six weeks of programming. Its kind of iffy and scary to plan stuff right now, but we’re planning to have a ribbon cutting on the 8th or 9th,” Hutchison said. 

She said that staff is planning for Christmas events and working with the Chamber of Commerce for events in coordination with the downtown businesses.