O’Fallon Township approves hall usage for Sunrise Rotary Club

Township Office

Township Office

O’FALLON – The Rotary Club of O’Fallon Sunrise has a new place to call home following the March meeting of the O’Fallon Township Board of Trustees.

The board unanimously voted to approve an agreement between the township and the Rotary Club allowing the club to hold their meetings in the hall each Wednesday morning at 6:45 a.m. Club President Joe McKay said he believes their first meeting in the township building will take place on April 6.

In other business…

• Jackie Brown was unanimously appointed to the O’Fallon Township Senior Committee. Additionally, Natalie Routh was unanimously appointed to serve on the Township Youth Committee.

• A request from Don and Lynette Schaeffer and James Joseph for a Special Use Permit to allow a trucking business in an agricultural zone district prompted some discussion among board members. Trustee Doug Scott objected to the idea saying he doesn’t believe businesses should be set up just anywhere. Trustee Gary Hursey said historically the Township Board follows the advice of the Township Zoning Board, who approved the permit request. The request will have to be sent to St. Clair County for review and approval.

• During his report, Supervisor Gary Ahle said the township has begun using Equinox to verify the financial situation of General Assistance applicants. Ahle said O’Fallon Township doesn’t have nearly as many residents receiving General Assistance as other townships, like Belleville, because office staff is very thorough about making sure there are no other avenues left to pursue first.

• Highway Commissioner Mark Downs reported that the recent snow was handled efficiently by his crews and that he was happy with the results of the road pre-treatment with beet juice. Downs explained that beet juice has been found to be a very effective tool against ice and snow, as it melts them without tearing up roads like salt. Downs said the more natural sugars in the juice the better and that he buys the best he can find.

• The township received a check for $227.70 from Savers for the remaining products left over following the February Rummage Sale.

• Township Clerk Dave Witter was out of town and unavailable to make the meeting. Deputy Clerk Debbie Allsup had no report.