O’Fallon Treasurer, Alderman face challenges to petitions

City Hall

City Hall

Hearing held on January 11 will decide their fate

O’FALLON – The nominating petitions for the O’Fallon Treasurer and an Alderman are being challenged.

Frank Morski has challenged the petitions of City Treasurer David Hursey. Morski contends that David Hursey did not obtain the required number of signatures needed to appear on the April ballot.

Additionally, Tom Kelley, via¬† Attorney Brian Flynn of Belleville, has objected to the petitions of Ward 5 Alderman Chris Hursey. Chris Hursey was appointed to fill the seat previously held by Mike Bennett. Kelley argues that Chris Hursey did not properly fill out his candidate paperwork, designating that he will be running for a two-year term filling out the remainder of Bennett’s term. The other Ward 5 seat, held by Alderwoman Courtney Marsh, is also up for election for a four-year term.

A preliminary hearing of a local election board was held on Wednesday, January 4, to set the rules for a hearing to be held on January 11. The board, made up of Mayor Gary Graham, City Clerk Phil Goodwin, and Alderman Jerry Albrecht. The panel will hear testimony and decide upon the merits of the objections at the January 11 hearing.

The O’Fallon Weekly will update this story following the hearing. Check OFallonWeekly.com for immediate updates.