OTHS student help to raise money for Teen Cancer America

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, members of the band The Who, sponsor Teen
Cancer America and have provided lots of memorabilia for Nevan Bickel to auction off at the fundraiser he is throwing to support the cause on March 9. (Submitted Photo)

By Kate Crutcher

O’FALLON – O’Fallon Township High School student Nevan Bickel is organizing a fundraiser in support of Teen Cancer America and he has managed to recruit some pretty big help with it.

“I am a huge fan of The Who, and so being one of my favorite bands, I think it is awesome, one being able to work directly with them and two, also being able to work together for a cause, that I can relate too, being a teenager and all,” Bickel said.

The event organized by Bickel and his mother, Jennifer, will feature a raffle and auction at Music Record Shop, located at 3116 Locust in St. Louis. The charity is in support of Teen Cancer America, which is sponsored by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, members of the band, “The Who.”

Music has always been important to Bickel, a junior at OTHS. He has been a part of the choir program, along with every musical and play production since he was a freshman. He had the opportunity to perform at the Looking Glass Playhouse this past fall. However, unlike most high schoolers, Bickel has also had the opportunity to play a song along side Pearl Jam. 

The fundraiser was a suggestion of his mother’s who is helping organize it with him before he moves out of state to attend college. 

“Hey, I think it would be a great idea, if you learned how to throw a fundraiser,” Jennifer said she told her son. “Nevan feels that it has been a huge learning experience.”

The event will be held Saturday, March 9 from 3 until 6 p.m. The money that is collected from now until the afternoon of the event will be for Mercy Teen Cancer’s adolescent and young adult programs. 

“I’d love to do stuff like this again. Fundraising is enjoyable and to support a cause that you are passionate about, like I am with Teen Cancer America, it makes it all worth it,” Bickel said.

St Louis’s own cover band, Rearviewmirror, will be preforming an acoustic set from 3 until 4 p.m., to show their support.

“He is super passionate about music and helping others, so it all works out,” Jennifer Bickel said.