OTHS to go remote after two week orientation

For the O’Fallon Weekly

In a statement released by O’Fallon Township High School District 203, the district announced it would be going to remote learning to start this school year following a brief orientation process.

The full statement is below…

In light of the current spike in COVID-19 trend data in St. Clair County, the Board of Education and its teachers and other employees have agreed upon a school reopening plan that will promote student learning in the safest environment possible. Beginning with the third week ofschool students will be taught remotely. For the first two weeks, students will attend school one day per week spread over 4 days. These attendance days will be used to provide students their books and other learning materials, meet their teachers and become oriented to the remote learning process. With only 25% of the students in attendance in school per day, we feel confident that students and staff will be safe.

We understand that many parents and students will be disappointed that they will not be returning to school in a traditional manner. We feel the same. However, we believe is the best plan, and one that protects the health and safety of our students, employees, and, ultimately, the community. We will all strive to make the remote learning process a rigorous one where students will flourish.  The District will continue to evaluate COVID-19 trend data to determine an appropriate time to shift to blended learning. We are all excited to get back to instruction and learning with our students.

A summary of the modified remote learning model to start the school year will be as follows:

• Student Groups

Group A:  Last Names Beginning with A through D

Group B:  Last Names Beginning with E through K

Group C:  Last Names Beginning with L through R

Group D:  Last Names Beginning with S through Z

• Return-to-Learn Bell Schedule:

• 25% blended learning schedule for the first two weeks of schoolStudent groups A, B, C, and D will alternate days of in-person instruction and remote instruction. This would allow for at least 1 days of in-person instruction for each student per week.  Group A would attend on Tuesday.  Group B would attend on Wednesdays.  Group C would attend on Thursdays.  Group D would attend on Fridays. Monday, August 17th will be a remote learning day for all groups.Transportation will be provided during the first two weeks for students attending the in-person instruction.Students who are remote learning on the blended learning days will be required to login to each class according to the Return-to-Learn bell schedule.

• Remote Learning will begin on the third week of school for all groups.Students will be required to login to each class according to the Return-to-Learn bell schedule.

• Special education students in self-contained classrooms will attend in-person instruction five (5) days per week on the Return-to-Learn bell schedule.  Transportation will be provided.  Special education students in supported classrooms or in regular education classrooms will follow the blended/remote learning schedule per their assigned groups. 

• Sports will continue per the IHSA guidelines.

• Clubs and Activities will continue remotely.

Additional information can be found on the District web site under District COVID-19 Update — FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).