Parents, one of Illinois new laws for 2019 focuses on child seats

Parents of young kids in Illinois need to know about one of the state’s new laws for 2019.

The Illinois State Police is telling parents that the rules for child seats are going to change.

Starting Jan. 1, all kids under the age of two or under 40 pounds must ride in a rear-facing car seat.

Illinois State Police Lieutenant Matt Boerwinkle said they are putting out the warning this week, so parents have some time to make sure their seat fits the new law.

“We’ve seen a lot of child restraint systems improperly installed in vehicles, or children not even buckled,” Boerwinkle said. “So it’s really important that parents take note.”

Boerwinkle said the new law is all about making sure young kids are properly protected.

“Children that ride in rear-facing child seat are five times safer than those riding forward,” Boerwinkle said. “There is so much in G-forces and everything else that can affect the safety of a child.”

The plan (HB 4377) almost passed unanimously through the legislature in Springfield. Just one state Senator, the Metro East’s Kyle McCarter, voted against the idea.

Boerwinkle said a first offense under the new law comes with a ticket that could be anywhere between $75 and $200.