Portz resigns from OTHS

Jason Portz (file photo)

O’FALLON – The District 203 Board of Education took action and accepted a letter of resignation from former O’Fallon Township High School Baseball Coach and Physical Education instructor Jason Portz.

In a release issued by the District following the meeting, the Board accepted Portz’s resignation, effective November 14, 2018. Portz was placed on administrative leave on October 22 while the District investigated is alleged mishandling of OTHS funds and assets as part of the baseball program and as an employee of OTHS.

According to the release, the district was in the process of scheduling a hearing to recommend dismissing Portz as an employee at the time he submitted his letter of resignation. 

“Because of the potential significant costs that can result from a tenured teacher dismissal proceeding and potential appeal, the Administration recommended, and the Board of Education agreed, that the best action for OTHS was to accept Mr. Portz’s resignation and to move forward with its mission of educating students,” the release reads.

The district did say in its release that the O’Fallon Police Department is investigating Portz and his alleged misuse of funds.

“The OTHS Administration and Board of Education will continue to fully cooperate with the O’Fallon Police Department as they further investigate this issue,” the release states.

The Board voted six to one to accept the resignation. Board Member Brandt House voted against accepting the letter of recommendation, preferring instead to directly fire Portz.

“I think based upon the findings that the team presented, we’re all equally, grossly disappointed and offended by the employee,” House said.

Portz resigned his positions as the OTHS baseball coach and the Health, Physical Education, and Driver Safety Department Chairman on June 25 in a letter to District 203 Board of Education President Lynda Cozad. At the time, he cited personal reasons.