Public Works approves funding plan for Seven Hills Road resurfacing

By Martha Stoffel

O’FALLON – The Public Works committee approved to go to council resolutions regarding the Seven Hills Road resurfacing project. 

The city has received federal grant money to cover seventy-five percent of the construction costs, $434,250, and IDOT requires specific engineering studies to be performed to receive those funds. The resolutions were for $77,000 for engineering services from Oates Associates and approval to use Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds to pay for the services. 

Public Works Director Jeff Taylor is hopeful to begin the resurfacing project next year. The grant is specific to the resurfacing of the road, so the city is working on preliminary plans for another grant to address traffic mitigation on that road. 

An amendment to an agreement with HMG Engineers Inc. was also presented, increasing the costs from $409,500 to $505,750 for Phase 2 of the wastewater treatment plant improvements. The increase is due to the IEPA recommendation to include new filters to reduce phosphorus effluent levels. The new plans and redesign will include the new filters and remove the addition of a third clarifier from the previous plan. 

The committee also approved an engineering agreement with Dixon Engineering, Inc. for $50,176.10 for water storage tank improvements for the State Street and Seven Hills Road water towers. Inspections completed last year indicated both towers need exterior painting and interior painting of the State Street water tower. The agreement is for plans and specifications to bid the work and construction observation.