Real Estate Transactions – August 10, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   115 Virginia Avenue; From Ronald and Julie Myers; To Rick and Kimberly Sparrow; $118,000

656 Longfellow Drive; From Richard and Barbara Walberg; To Carlos Rodriguez, JoAnna Goodenough; $317,000

   1510 Princeton Drive; From Michael Palmer II, Ann Lillard; To Nathaniel Bleichner, Megan Bleichner; $175,000

   221 Derrick Drive; From Reese and Christine Audette; To Kyle and Chelsey Groth; $167,400

   780 Merrifields Drive; From Michael and Cynthia Williams; To Rafael and Julie Rico; $237,500

   904 Victoria Lane; From Andrew and Renee Monday; To Craig Koch; $220,000

  713 Saint Nicholas Drive; From Christopher James, Marie Ambrosio; To Scott and Meagan Kennedy; $282,500

   1137 Maclean Drive; From Jason Palma, Esther Vanderwal; To Marvin Rounkels, Rachelle Hawotte; $192,500

   1123 Buran Drive; From Henry and Deanna Schmidt; To Nucompass Mobility Serv. Inc.; $250,000

   833 Nowland Court; From Esther Lauer; To James and Johanna Fowler; $46,500

  403 South Smiley Street; From Daniel Johnson; To Ken and Brenda Jackson; $112,000

436 Bandmour Place; From Barnes Properties Inc.; To Barry and Jody Mahan; $253,922

609 Thoreau Drive; From Michael and Sandra Webb; To Richard and Deanna Heller; $325,000

1041 Timber Creek Lane; From Cale and Lindsay Hollingsworth; To Timothy and Sheila Kelly; $200,000

904 Maces Grove; From Christine Schildknecht; To Curtis Schildknecht; $21,775

320 Edna Drive; From Kenneth and Jeanne Kennedy; To Charles Tate Jr.; $159,900

223 Eagle Ridge; From Aaron and Jennifer Eversgerd; To Kenneth and Katherine Stein; $57,500


1608 Fairway Drive; From William and Leta Sweger; To Bradley and Laura Davis; $186,900

2231 Birmingham Drive; From Joshua and Danielle Bowles; To Austin and Nicole Ramsey; $224,500

2626 Welsch Drive; From TTW LLC; To Jason Pavelschak; $247,500

3269 Millbrook Drive; From William Miller; To Edward and Jennifer Coleman; $168,000