Real Estate Transactions – December 28, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


1309 Eagle Creek Drive; From John and Debra Dunks; To Terry and Michelle Parker; $245,000

107 East Madison Street; From Justine and Sarah Ward; To Gregory and Angelica Hales; $86,975

306 Agnes Drive; From Jacob and Karen Marshall; To Kevin Watkins; $172,500

622 Titan Drive; From Jeannine Ryan; To Ryan and Alicia Luechtefeld; $131,500

719 South Vine Street; From Daniel and Sue McCarthy; To Joseph Gross; $126,000

315 West Third Street; From Aaron and Cristi Bray; To Julianne Reynolds; $76,000

128 Robert Drive; From Kirk Carlile; To Jeffrey and Bobbi Witherly; $197,000

923 Dartmouth Drive; From Donald and Merri Tweedel; To Jackie Miller; $213,700

401 Ponderosa Avenue, Apt. 5; From Michael Boyles; To Kenneth and Katherine Stein; $67,000


1168 Provence Drive; From Kenneth Welch, Sue Jin; To Carl Primeaux, Margaret Kelly; $256,500

2724 Lake Lucerne Drive; From George and Angelic Pack; To Paul and Gina Pickens; $207,500

233 South Second Street; From David and Vickie Mueller; To Daniel and Angela Nesbit; $180,000

2646 London Lane; From TTW LLC; To CNR Inc.; $48,000


508 Shadow Rock Court; From SMR LLC; To Randy and Kristi Emmons; $474,027

10937 Fallowfield Drive; From CNR Inc.; To Ayinde and Nicole Bennett; $264,700

10924 Fallowfield Drive; From Robert and Susan Stewart; To Jonathan and Amanda Vaughn; $207,500

2 Locust Hills Woods; From Freddie and Terry Simmons; To James and Debra Vaught; $387,000