Real Estate Transactions – Feb 24, 2016

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   118 East Third Street; From A & B Property Management of Illinois LLC; To Nicholas and Shanna Buitron; $102,000

   345 Johnson Road; From SSA Investments LLC; To Nathaniel and Lisa Hufker; $95,000

   1108 Hollander Court; From Nathan Higgins and Stacy Barton; To Dennis and Cathrynn Barton; $240,000

207 West Washington Street; From Scott and Nanette Muehlhauser; To Patrophers and Deborah Syano; $110,000

   1045 Woods Way; From Russell and Diana Hart; To Eric and Amy Tschannen; $175,000

   105 West Adams Street; From Mister Residential LLC; To Jeffrey Deutsche; $169,000

   1910 Bowler Road; From John and Ginger Johnson; To Matthew and Olivia Jobes; $120,000

   5013 Bristol Hill Drive; From Joseph and Louise Bonnycastle; To Michael and Colleen Ecker, Colleen O’Brien-Ecker; $264,000

   1337 Stone Creek Drive; From Briann and Shea Poblette; To Rachelle and Devin Knau; $248,000


   2292 Birmingham Drive; From Michael and Jennifer Weise; To Christopher and Faith Spelbring; $232,000