Real Estate Transactions – July 13, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


1033 Edgewood Drive; From Brett and Imelda Beckler; to William and Rita Sheridan; $192,000

  1321 Haps Lane; From James and D’An Warnke; to Karlee Hiatt; $224,000

   1221 Seward Drive; From Ivan and Shannon Hurtado; to Kevin and Kelly Albers; $224,500

   833 Bassett Street; From Kevin and Wendy Baka; to Patrick and Jennifer Schwomeyer; $229,000

   361 Vermillion Drive; From Larry and Deborah Tupman; to Daniel and Alice Coulter; $191,900

  753 Merrifields Drive; From Fred Wynns and Tiffany Moaney-Wynns; to Craig and Jnama Coffey; $317,500

   281 Eagle Ridge; From Michael and Jill Josias; to PHB Capital LLC; $42,000

   916 Prairie Crossing; FromMichael and Lynette Scott; to Joshua and Rebecca Wohltman; $305,000

   300 Ponderosa; From Jason Boone; to Nancy Annette Fleming; $194,000

   103 Virginia Avenue; From DCMTB Properties LLC; to Metro Inflatables LLC; $83,500

   936 Glen Hollow Drive; From James O’Malley; to Patrick Feeney; $300,000

   612 Linden Court; From Lorraine Ramirez; to Jimel Enterprises LLC; $100,750

   209 Chamberlains Crossing; From Leland and Taffanina Warren; to Benjamin Callahan; $169,900

   120 Cottage Hill Drive; From Derek Lynnette Wise; to Christopher and Robert Simpson; $61,000


   3529 Capri Lane; From Michael and Bessie Anderson; to Aino and Miranda Moore; $255,000

  1691 Cross Street; From Kelly Hunt; to Christopher Stroot; $112,500

   2709 Abridge Drive; From Fulford Homes LLC; to Michael and Bessie Anderson; $255,000