Real Estate Transactions – July 27, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   201 East 2nd Street; From Jacob and Krystal Hayes; To Kristen Keller, Cristina Nordin; $165,000

   1027 Richland Park; From Stone Bridge Estates Dev. Co. LLC; To Timothy Biehl; $257,000

   6812 Ridge Pointe Drive; From Chad and Billie Vogt; To Daniel Healy, Katherine Vogel; $240,000

   612 Granite Drive; From Daniel Guest; To Helen Edith; $110,000

   506 Highland Estates Drive; From Scott and Jane Smith; To Joseph Dahm, Amanda Schmersahl; $195,000

   1109 Round Table Court; From David and Aileen Lodes; To Travis McGrew, Rachel McGrew; $202,000

   919 Saint Nicholas Drive; From Mark and Angela Aguiar; To Vincent Castrogiovanni; $215,000

   1505 Oak Meadow Drive; From Josiah Sherman; To Henry and Deanna Schmidt; $108,500

   1323 Brudenell Court; From David and Kayleen Rodriguez; To William and Felicia Ewing; $326,000

   118 Hodgens Mill Lane; From John and Mika Rehner; To Clarence Elgin, Kristina Elgin; $260,000

   2154 Streamview Court; From Mark and Tracy Oechsle; To Brandon and Micaela Johnson; $164,500

   924 Stone Briar Drive; From Christopher and Beth Gonzales; To Aaron and Kelly Grosos; $290,000

   503 Fontainbleau; From Corey Votrian; To Robin Glowatski; $156,500

   7049 Millbrook Lane; From Oscar Garcia; To Ryan Brauer, Amber Nordike; $230,000

   16 Brandonwood Drive; From Randy and Yvonne Saunders; To Jason and Laura Osborn; $167,000


   3627 Piper Hills Drive; From Susan Jano; To Bradley Albertina, Melinda Basile; $180,000

   1468 Kingsley Drive; From Tracy Abernathy; To Emma Buie; $172,500

   1105 High Valley Lane; From David and Hillary Wilburn; To Raymond Winfrey; $270,000

   203 Antiock Court; From Daniel and Barbara Polahar; To Nicole Hardy; $255,000

   2507 London Lane; From Prabin Amatya, Arati Shrestha; To Craig and Marjory Rolling; $165,000

   867 Calista Ridge Drive; From Eric and Christina Schroeder; To Nicholas Prosser, Kristin McCard; $230,000

   3428 Dakota Drive; From Shiloh Bldg. Group LLC; To New Tradition Homes LLC; $45,000

   3421 Magena Court; From Shiloh Bldg. Group LLC; To New Tradition Homes LLC; $51,000