Real Estate Transactions – July 6, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


505 Overbrook Circle; From Ryan and Jody Robinson; To Alfred and Sebrina Lewis; $315,000

5128 Wesleyan Drive; From D & F Contracting Inc.; To Darrell Groppe, Gwendolyn Thebeau-Groppe; $274,900

914 Juniper Drive; From Sherri Pechan, Michael Mannz; To Andrea Marshall, Heather Jones; $76,000

426 Highland Peak Court; From Kenneth and Cammie Walkington; To Jeffery and Melanie Reis; $201,500

822 Victoria Lane; From Johnathan and Jennifer Walker; To Micah and Jennifer Derickson; $250,000

520 Highland View Drive; From Kevin and Sarah Chaffee; To Robert Haida, Jeannine Ryder; $169,900

168 Knollhaven Trail; From Clayton Buchner POA, Julie Buchner POA; To Julie Buchner, John Millard; $325,000

8406 Braeswood Estates Drive; From David and Charity Braden; To Matthew and Christine Millar; $500,000

1437 Arley Hill Drive; From D & F Contracting Inc.; To Alice Pollard; $294.529

1412 Winchester Grove Court; From Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; To Anthony and Carolyn Herrmann; $314,409

7056 Millbrook Lane; From Douglas Regot, Beverley Regot; To Beth Callen; $195,000

783 Merrifields Drive; From Douglas and Laura Prindle; To Jeremy and Marilyn Wagner; $313,000

442 Marbleton Circle; From Terrence and Cynthia Szwet; To Aaron McClellan; $475,000

621 Willow Brook Way; From Milburn Road LLC; To Douglas and Maria Guth; $42,200

24 Brandonwood Drive; From Aaron and Amy Sayler; To Justin and Josie Blasdel; $277,500

1326 Rainfield Gardens Court; From Charles Bishop; To Timothy and Catherine Long; $350,000

1109 Naturescape Court; From Matthew and Leslie Baker; To Nicholas and Angela Leonelli; $347,500

310 Emily Drive; From Dennis Kerbis, Deborah Fernandez; To Arley and Rachel Wellinghoff; $191,500

112 East Jackson; From William and Joanna Theismann; To RJS Inc.; $102,000

401 West Third Street; From Kian Pokorny; To Tyler and Lindsay Young; $112,500

932 Caroline Avenue; From Craig and Becky Furry; To Neil Lauko; $149,900

299 Kings Ridge Boulevard; From Robert and Brandy Cradduck; To James and Belinda Edwards; $312,500

1221 Rutherford Ridge; From Bruce and Donna Bader; To Allen Marcus TRS, East Mountain Trust II; $860,000

718 Kensington Place; From Allen and Claudia Duncan; To Eduardo Barrera, Lucia Barragan; $218,000


   433 Tailfeather Drive; From Kristopher and Melissa Weston; To Jeffrey and Jennifer Tilden; $155,000

   801 Hawkridge Run; From Fulford Homes LLC; To Travis and Janice Smith; $222,337.79

  66 Innsbruck Lane; From Aino and Miranda Moore; To Dwayne Kerr; $138,000