Real Estate Transactions – June 1, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   617 West Adams Street; From Christine Briguglio; To Venitrice Long; $112,500   

   849 Chesapeake Junction Lane; From Jess Houk by POA; Melissa Houk  POA; To Joseph & Gretta Biberston; $220,500

   1129 Creekside Court; From Joshua Imme by POA; Amy Imme POA; To Gerod and Catherine Bonhoff; $217,500

   694 Janeita Court; From L F Construction LLC; To Roger and Joyce Richter; $229,900

   909 Sturbridge Trail; From Jason and Alisha Huls; To Richard and Michelle Grab; $317,000

   1234 Ruppel Lane; From David Pritchett, Cassidy L’Hote; To Arun and Sunanda Kashyap; $340,000

   215 Pierce Boulevard; From Hamilton and Yu Stewart; To Gillian Harrel; $177,000

   112 Famous Avenue; From Scott and Beth Jabcob; To Nathaniel Voelkel, Jessica Dascotte; $114,000

   120 Pierce Boulevard; From Shane and Jamie Harmon; To Larry and Theresa Seipp; $132,000

   1206 Southview Drive; From Alan Killingsworth; To Roberto and Miran Calderon; $120,000

   1009 Ramblewood Drive; From Kevin and Kathleen Gaudette; To Cacey Johnson; $226,500

   705 Oak Creek Court; From Jeffery and Jessica McDaniel; To Brian and Debra Thurston; $132,000

   604 West Adams Street; From Robin Brown; To Samantha Lenox; $101,000

   392 Kings Ridge Boulevard; From Kevin and Amber Brunworth; To Patrick and Maria Hasenstab; $312,000

   967 Prairie Crossing; From James and Carla Eilers; To Timothy and Lesley Zickus; $240,000

   1314 East 3rd Street; From Michael and Christina Henderlong; To Noah and Ashley Willis; $183,000

   1912 Forest Edge Court; From Meise Brothers Construction Inc; To Brain and Lisa Safarian; $702,824

   150 Bethel Road; From Cecil and Denise Hopkins; To Eric Blake; $214,000

   1119 Buran Drive; From Richard and Suzanne Gibson; To Stephen and Allison Rhodes; $237,500


   9 Tribe Court; From Gregory and Stephanie Jackson; To Daniel L. Newgent, Lisa Wellerritter; $212,000

   2595 London Lane; From Kyle and Brittany Jenkins; To John and Hilary Gremminger; $252,500

   2739 Cheyenne Wells Drive; From Bill and Shena Bills; To Javon Chase; $229,000