Real Estate Transactions – June 29, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


118 Dogwood Drive; From Gregory and Mina Clark; To Hezekiah and Jameseva Webb; $180,000

1542 North Parc Grove Court; From New Traditional Homes LLC; To Bryan and Sherri Lucas; $239,650

407 Colleen Drive; From Brent, Nancy, and Brent Jr. Falkenberg; To William and Alfie Beckman; $60,000

729 Kensington Place; From Gregory and Michelle Jarrett; To Shawn and Kelley Cochran; $229,900

104 Anne Avenue; From Noah and Ashely Willis; To David Perez; $128,000

222 Bethel Road; From Kenneth and Rhonda Bouas; To Bethel Ridge Farms LLC; $200,000

1202 Trailwood Court; From Paul and Shirley Mueth; To Lisa Love; $130,000

1006 Caroline Avenue; From Isabel Hangsleben; To Mister Residential LLC; $63,000

1579 Allyssa Creek Court; From Jon and Cherie Hobbs; To Kevin and Sarah Chaffee; $320,000

348 Kings Ridge; From Richard and Victoria Webster; To Michael and Jennifer Dekanter; $386,500

208 Meadows Drive; From William Hering, Dorothy Hering Dec’d; To Melissa and Catherine Jacobs; $40,000

106 Robert Drive; From Marion Baker, Margie Baker Dec’d; To Sky Blue Dev. Inc.; $55,000

552 Glen Oak Drive; From Richard and Euphrosyne Eccher; To John Syc; $259,900

320 Whitehall Drive; From Matthew and Vivian Bader; To Samantha Spencer; $117,000

   865 Bridgeway Drive; From H & L Builders LLC; To Christopher and Melissa Mitchell; $271,000

1559 Sinking Spring Drive; From James and Keysha Pochopien; To Bernard and Patricia Hunter; $298,000

1006 Thornbury Place; From Steven Whitney; To Richard and Jacklynn Burke; $295,000

1212 Usher Drive; From Patrick Schmees; To James and Jessica Hood; $305,000

1103 Princeton Drive; From James Patterson, Ruby Patterson Dec’d; To Martin Ledington, Sarah Smith; $100,000


2619 Welsch Drive; From TTW LLC; To CNR Inc.; $43,000

2603 London Lane; From Jacob and Jeri Lukens; To Allan and Venezia Fields; $280,000

225 Lowell Court; From Craig and Kathleen Galloway; To Stacy and James Dill; $128,500